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Pike Brothers Interview

Black Patti from Munich / Germany are deeply obliged to the aesthetics of traditional Blues from the 20ies and 30ies. Being part of an emergent young generation of Blues artists, they don´t just recreate old sounds as many others do. Instead they are composing catchy songs with original arrangements, yet however with a more contemporary approach. We met both musicians and talk-shopped a little bit about their work in general and of course about Blues.

You recently released your debut entitled „No Milk, no Sugar“, banning the rough and unpolished essence of Country-Blues music on vinyl. What are your greatest influences?
Of course the great (Blues-) artists from the 20ies and 30ies, like Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson or Crying Sam Collins. They all were unequal but yet incredibly outstanding individual musicians, shaping the pre-war Blues. That´s also why the music is so attractive to us, because it´s so diverging and inspirational.

You recorded your album at the renowned „Black Shack“ studio in Calw. The distinctive feature compared to other record studios out there, is the fact that they are still recording with vintage RCA-mics and anlog-mixers. Compared to digital recording techniques, a more difficult and uncomfortable way of recording. Please tell us, what was the reason why you chose analog rather than digital? Was it idealism, the ongoing vintage-trend or just a back-to-the-roots thing?
Well, we are really into the aesthetics of the traditional sound. The sound spectrums you are listening to today, cannot be produced by a band or a single artist, as everything is sort of overproduced and faked. However, we want the natural, mid-tone sounds without knickknack and glamour. When something sounds dry and offbeat – let´s say unconventional – it´s just alright for us. And our friends from the studio in Calw exactly know what we want. But you should not misinterpret this with simple nostalgia. What counts is the conformity between music and it´s presentation. The sound from the guys at the Black Shack studio in Calw perfectly fits to our music, just like the Pike Brothers denims perfectly fit to our butts.

How has the feedback to „No Milk, no sugar“ been so far?
Pretty good. We are really satisfied and happy that our debut is being sold quite good and that the people are digging it. You know, it´s not always easy with the music we play and for some it might be challenging as well.
What´s the fascinating aspect of the pre-war Blues and Country-Blues music for you?
It´s diverse and very inventive. Back in the days, people did not have a lot of possibilities when it came to music. For example, somebody was just sitting on his porch and playing guitar, but he had hardly no possibility to record his compositions. The voices of the old masters of Blues are unique. Listening to them, you insanely got the feeling that somebody wants to say something to you directly, touching your soul. The music from the 20ies and 30ies is very emotional. It´s unfiltered and deeply moving.

„Making of .. Selvedge Denim“ Music from Black Patti

Speaking about your lyrics: Is there a typical Black Patti topic you sing about?
Our lyrics are about beautiful women, bad men, snappy dogs, wily foxes, thunderstorms on sticky summer days, endless roads and the small but distinguished things in life. Of course we are not trying to explain the world to our listeners. It´s up to them how they are interpreting our lyrics.

You are mostly wearing PIKE BROTHERS garments when you are on stage. What´s your personally favored style while being on the long and dusty roads of the music business?
The outstanding aspect of the Pike Brothers garments: A perfect fit and the fact that you don´t have to change your clothes after a gig. They are comfortable, easy to wear – I´d say „allround-garments“ with a certain good looking style. Most of the time we have some shirts with us, some heavy-duty braces and one or two Roamer- or Chopper Pants. That´s the best wear while being on tour.

What can we expect of Black Patti in the future?

We are hiring the studio again in early 2017, in order to record our next release. We got a lot of new songs and are stoked to record it soon. Also we want every Black Patty record sounding slightly different. Apart from that, we will tour a lot again, playing plenty of shows. We got a mission after all.

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